Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

What Is Non Personal Promotion and What Does It Do for Pharmaceutical Sales Organizations?

The designation of non personal promotion refers to the method of marketing using Internet sales techniques and, thus, avoiding the personal promotion of salesmen selling directly to consumers of pharmaceutical products by going to their offices. Giving promotional samples of pharmaceutical to potential buyers is a standard practice used by all industries. The promotional product is given to allow the customer the opportunity to test the product before committing himself to it by buying it.
In using Internet promotion, the use of mail and emails to give promotional samples to potential buyers is used. This practice eliminates the need for the often more expensive method of using salesmen to deliver promotional samples of pharmaceuticals directly to customers. Sending samples through the mail to offices is also a better method of making sure that the samples are seen and passed for review to other staff whereas the samples left by a salesman may be left in some office drawer without being noticed until needed. Receiving promotional samples through the mail or in emails is a more direct method of getting the attention of the person who will most likely be in charge of ordering the pharmaceuticals for the office.
If an office shows interest in promotional samples or responds to emails, the pharmaceutical company can send a salesman to the office knowing that the expense of the salesman will be covered by the proposed order from that office. That is one of the most important effect of using Internet sales promotion rather than salesmen. Also, in Internet sales promotion, more customers can be reached faster and interest responded to quicker than by using salespeople to contact offices, leave promotional samples, make follow up calls and process orders.
What Internet sales promotion does for pharmaceutical companies is save money in getting their products sold to offices and companies that use their products. A salesperson can use Internet sales techniques in promotion efforts to generate leads more efficiently than would be possible if the salesperson were to visit all potential buyers to prepare leads and follow up with actual sales. In addition to saving money, a pharmaceutical company can generate more interest in their products through emails and Internet advertising than is possible if using only sales people to market their products.

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