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Activities for Autistic Kids

Autism affects children on an individual basis; some are severely affected while some only mildly. Notably, communication and interpersonal interactions are typically impaired. Children with autism tend to have hypersensitivity issues with thing they feel, see, taste, smell, or hear. There are many activities for autistic kids that can help increase tolerance, stimulate attention, create fun, and foster a calm environment, all at the same time.

1. Create a Sensory Table

A sensory table is a play station where the child can sort, dig, pour, squish, and sift through different items. This activity allows your child to play, get messy, and engage his or her sense of sight, touch, and hearing.

2. Sculpt Clay Bowls

Sculpting clay is one of those activities that helps improve eye-hand coordination, improve fine motor skills, and it's tons of fun! Most kids should enjoy the feeling of the clay as they knead, pull, and push it into the desired shapes. When you're done, take the bowls or items to be fired and keep the works of art.

3. Create a Smelling Station

This activity is sure to provide loads of fun while being educational at the same time. These are great activities for autistic kids. All you need is some small bowls, jars, or empty pill bottles, some small scraps of fabric, some rubber bands, and various items that are strongly scented. to make it into a game, also gather up some paper and pencils. Things you can place in each container are cinnamon sticks, pieces of lemon or lime, a bit of fabric softener on a piece of fabric, etcetera. Wrap or cover the containers so you can't see what's inside, then fasten the fabric scrap across the top using the rubber band. Have your child choose some of his favorite smells, too. Then make it into a group activity for autistic kids: have your child smell each container and try to identify what's inside. Once he or she has them all written down, he or she can go around and test other members of the family.

4. Play a Match-the-Halves Game

Gather up 14 or 16 craft sticks and some markers in different colors. Place two popsicle or craft sticks side by side to line them up. Next, draw a large shape so that it is equally-divided by both sticks: a heart, triangle, star, square, circle, etcetera. Then draw a smaller version of the same shape on the lower part of each stick so that your child knows what shape to match. Do this for each of all pairs. This is one of those activities for autistic kids that will appeal to his or her sense of order. Once all the sticks are dry, place all the sticks jumbled up together on the table and have your child make matching pairs.

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